Destination and renaming of uploaded files

Hy insterested ones,

I added for you two new improvements to Zend_File_Transfer or if you work with Forms, to the file element.

The first one is that Zend_File_Transfer allows now the usage of file filters. Note that, of course, file filters work differently to normal string filters. They do not return the content, but the location of the file, aka the real location and filename. It should also be noted that file filters will be attached AFTER the file has been received. This is due to the fact that we are not allowed to change the file before it has been received, as we would then get a attacker exception from PHP itself. Input elements, for example, will do filtering before validation. File elements will always do validation and afterwards filtering. So you could now add your own filters if you are in need. Or you wait for me to do this.

The second improvement is the first file filter.

I am happy to announce that the “Rename” filter is ready in core.
What can it do ?

Well, it will allow you to have much more influence of the behaviour of uploaded files.
Let’s see an example:

$filter = new Zend_Filter_File_Rename('C:picturesnewpics', true);

or when you use the adapter

$adapter->addFilter('Rename', array('C:picturesnewpics', true));

All uploads will now be moved to the directory C:picturesnewpics and will be overwritten if they exist.
The default is false, which means that the filter will not overwrite existing files. Beware: If the file exists, you will get a false as soon as you receive the file with an error, that the file already exists if you do not set the overwrite property.

Of course the rename adapter allows much more.
You can define the location for each single file separatly.
You can even define a new filename and extension for the uploaded file.

$adapter->addFilter('Rename', 'C:picturesnewname.txt');

For more details about supported notations look into the manual.

I hope you find this addition usefull and use it in your own projects.
PS: If you have a good idea for a additional feature to any of my components dont be shy and share your idea.

Thomas, I18N Team Leader, Zend Framework

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