Zend_Locale 2.0

Hy fellows,

first I want to wish you all a good start into this new decade.
Then I wanted to inform you about some news for Zend Framework.

Within the last days I began a complete rework of the I18n core for ZF.
The first class which will be reworked is Zend_Locale as it’s the base class for I18n within ZF.

The following changes will be done for Zend Locale 2.0:

CLDR update to 1.9
This integrates the most actual locale database within ZF

Usage of a fallback locale
This locale can be set and used as fallback when the wished locale is not supported

Usage of a fixed locale
This locale can be set and will be used regardless of any other locale which the accessing user wants
This removes the workaround from Zend_Application

Add locale providers as base
This allows to use other locale providers than CLDR
This will remove Zend_Locale_Format and integrate it into the used provider

Rework CLDR to be a provider

Add INTL as new provider
This allows to use INTL when available alone or in combination with CLDR because the INTL extension does not provide all informations like CLDR

Add a way to upgrade a locale
This would allow to provide informations for language locales when no region was given (f.e. when a user gives ‘en’ and wants to have informations from a region (f.e. currency))

Add script support
This allows to use locales which provide several scripts within the same language like Azerbaijani, English or Hausa.

That’s the actual plan for Zend_Locale 2.0 and will be the base for all other reworks.
Please note that all spoken will be done within Zend Framework 2.0 and not be migrated to 1.x.

Thomas Weidner
I18N Team Leader, Zend Framework

Zend Framework Advisory Board Member
Zend Certified Engineer for Zend Framework

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